G*LEE (b. 1991 as Grace Lee) is a New York bred multi-faceted musician riveting as a DJ, spoken word artist, producer, singer-songwriter, composer, and a creative artist of many entities. She is the Founder and Creative Director of the notable DJ-collective Liaison Femme. Alongside her music repertoire, G*LEE extends her venture as a visual artist whom she collaborates with NYC based artist Awol Erizku in projects arranging from all mediums of integrative art and in media. Off the curb, G*LEE served as Guest Editor of the publication “Off The Decks” with Tom Tom Magazine respectively from Issue 8 thru Issue 10 curated by her DJ collective Liaison Femme.

At the age of 14 she attended the prestigious Juilliard School (Pre-College Division) majoring in composition, and thereafter graduated from the acclaimed Professional Performing Arts High School of New York City. Her craft as a DJ/ Turntabalist/ Remixer began at the age of 15 being mentored alongside notable DJs from Nujabes, DJ Fatfingaz, DJ M.O.S., Twilite Tone (Ynot / Great Weekend), and DJ Jay Jung (of Scratch Academy NY). Through the years she achieved to work with record companies, festivals/tours, collaborative projects, and DJ at prolific venues all across the nation. Her versatility gleamed forth with an eclectic roster of clientele reaching from Vogue Magazine to Autism Speaks Organization. On note, her aesthetic to apply performance art raises her leverage to deliver a concrete voice in the male dominated DJ community. G*LEE continues to grow and raise the bar to be one of the youngest leading female DJs in the industry to date.

As a cross-disciplinary artist, her repertoire reaches from an array of elements embodied by her musical influences. A pivotal moment in her childhood, living and traveling in robust cities gave the means to gravitate on various components of music – significantly to hip-hop and street subculture. Not being labeled to one, she brings forth a well-distinct approach that forces to be recognized within and against the odds.

Over the years, G*LEE centered her circuit in collaborating and working with several prolific artists to name a few; from Pras of The Fugees, Illmind, Twilite Tone (Ynot/Great Weekend), Nujabes, Giovanni James, and many more entitled to her frame.

In 2009-2011, G*LEE began her first debut EP project “XVI: More Than This EP” executive produced by herself and award-winning composer Woody Pak. A personal side-project venture that also features production from guest producers by Anthony Khan aka. Twilite Tone/YNot and Mario Hills. The project is to release with an additional campaign of two part behind-the-scenes film series directed in three phases of G*LEE’s age from 16 to 18 years old in accordance to the EP’s concept of XVI – meaning in due to the height of her youth.

In 2010, G*LEE founded a DJ collective entitled Liaison Femme and launched the debut in 2012. Liaison Femme is a forward thinking collective/movement comprised only of female DJs. The movement is to empower and make awareness of leading creative female DJs in the world and extend to identify females in performance arts. Many noted female DJs joined together to establish Liaison Femme. Advocates include and involve with Venus X, DJ Lindsey Caldwell, DJ Kiss, DJ Gina Turner, Mia Moretti, Louisahhh, Jubilee, Creep, DJ Tina T, and many more affiliated. Female artists like of MNDR, Maluca Mala, Kilo Kish have worked along with the collective. Since the debut Liaison Femme received a bandwidth of recognition from Huffington Post, Time Out NY, and support from the community.


In spring of 2011, G*LEE and Grammy-Nominated producer Illmind (Ramon Ibanga) officially began production for an exclusive debut album. The official anticipated announcement has not been publicly announced yet but in progress.

In summer of 2011, G*LEE joined NYC-based artist Awol Erizku for an exclusive collaboration between Milk Studios’ MilkMade placed as producer in working on special editorials. (“New Villager – The Code”). In term, a short-music film was released featuring Fools Gold Records’ very own eccentric band The Suzan directed by Awol Erizku and produced by G*LEE. (“The Suzan – Uh Ah”).

XVI: More Than This EP was exclusively released on June 2012 for non-commercial distribution and given as free render.